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Choosing that you are no longer satisfied with the status quo is easy. Knowing what to do next is hard.

It starts with finding the right partner that understands the journey from an idea, to a product, to the shelf.

Who We Are

We are a Private Label Product Development, Sourcing and Distribution Company

We leverage a global manufacturing footprint for ultimate flexibility, cost management, and risk mitigation (think multi-national manufacturing base).

We own the development, production, consolidation and distribution of our products to our customers domestically (think standard lead times for imported products).

We support all of this with traditional CPG branded capabilities, applied to private label (think traditional functions like sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, and operations).

What we Do

ArchPoint’s market strategy for the USA market is to invest in distribution & customer relationships, not manufacturing assets

ArchPoint views competitive leverage opportunities on three axes:
  1. Sourcing/Supply Chain
  2. Product/Innovation
  3. Customer/Distribution

We have proven that excellence across the 3 levers has been the driver of our sustainable growth over the last 15 years.

Advantages to Our Strategy
Cash Investment/Speed to Scale:
  • Self-funded Cash is working every day – Inventory and distribution (versus being tied up in CapEx)
  • Organizational structure that is competitively unique amongst private label suppliers with a focus on brand strategy, product development, and supply chain
  • React to a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Quicker access to new innovation across the globe
  • Ability to enter new categories with significantly lower start-up costs
Risk Mitigation:
  • Unexpected supply chain disruptions
  • Aging Manufacturing equipment/plant facilities
  • Unplanned tariffs, taxes, and duties
  • Labor costs and labor pool
  • Currency shifts
  • Access/proximity to raw materials and changes in raw materials
What We Value

Go To Market Strategy

Our multi-disciplinary marketing agency specializes in consumer products goods with an emphasis on brand strategy, go-to-market planning and activation. We leverage our unique business model, tapping into our consulting , supply chain logistics and sales capabilities, to bring a broader perspective and create meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

  • We deliver category solutions
  • We focus on sustainable innovation
  • We identify opportunities for innovation in product, package and supply chain
  • We are fact-based and data-oriented
  • We recognize that being good enough isn’t good enough
  • We do not look to partner with every retailer
  • We are interested in collaborating with those that value our go to market strategy
Who We Serve

Our Customers

Our focus is in categories that are either underserved by their current suppliers or where a whitespace or identifiable opportunity exists. Whether it is with an existing brand, new product or developing a brand from scratch, we attack these opportunities with a unique, cross-functional approach that is unmatched in the industry.

How We Do It

Supply Chain by the Numbers


Case Fill: 97.3%
On Time: 98.3%
Cases Shipped: 6.7 Million


Case Fill: 94.4%
On Time: 88.3%
Cases Shipped: 6.9  Million

What WE’ve Done

Our Work

Product Development Solutions

Private Label, done right.

We have established strategic partnerships with some of the top retailers in the country to provide them with exclusive opportunities to develop and source products across several categories from all over the globe. These partners appreciate our unique blend of quality, service, value, and innovation that fuels sustainable growth. 

  • Category Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Custom Designs
  • Supplier Vetting
  • Global Sourcing
  • International Logistics
  • Domestic Supply Chain
  • Quality Control
Brand Development Solutions

First-hand experience end-to-end.

Acadian Crossing has developed and invested in several brands, financially partnering with these emerging entities to utilize our in-house expertise, industry knowledge and retailer partnerships to provide a platform to develop and launch brands at an accelerated pace.

  • Consumer & Market Research
  • Brand Positioning & Identity
  • Internal Creative Development
  • Product Design & Prototyping
  • Product Management & Development
  • Brand Management
  • Package & Collateral Design
  • E-Commerce Solutions & Support
  • Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution

Acadian Crossing Consumer Products, an ArchPoint Group company, is a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and How2Recycle® Program. Together, these initiatives provide recycling directions to the public as well as guidelines on how to dispose of items properly. For more information, please visit

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Our industry can be brutal. Innovation often faces difficulties navigating its way to the market.